Davis Tool designs and builds dies and die inserts for hot and cold chamber aluminum, zinc and magnesium dies. Producing high quality finished products requires an integrated manufacturing process built on experience and know-how. At Davis, we build your dies right.

We use Solidworks solid modeling software, which enables us to design and build tools directly from your CAD Model or Part Print. Early in the design stage we meet with you and your customers to develop the part shape. This ensures that your part is production ready and economically producible. Design is a key to successfully building dies that run well in your production environment.

We use only the best die steel materials, heat treatment and surface treatments available today, so your dies deliver long life and high repeat-ability. We earn your business with every die we design and build for you.

We work with a wide range of sizes and shapes including extremely complex geometries. Our capabilities include single and multi-cavity dies. We also work with interchangeable cavities for standardized dies for large die programs.